What is VHR Tanning?

VHR is a particular brand of tanning lamp. It stands for Very High Reflectors. Just as there are several brands of soda (Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, etc.) there are several different brands of tanning lamps, VHR being one of them. VHR was one of the first brands many years ago to use reflector technology with tanning lamps 160 watts or stronger. There are many excellent tanning lamp brands that progressive salons find equal or superior to the best VHR lamps.

Celsius  UX32 10 Minute VHR Bed

$1 First Time Tan - New Customers Only

$10 - Per Session

$49.95 - Monthly Unlimited

Star Power 54 Lamp 12 Minute VHR Bed

$1 First Time Tan - New Customers Only

$12 -  Per Session

$59.95 - Monthly Unlimited any available VHR Bed  -   $20 Per Ultrabronze Session

Ultrabronz Ultra Sun High Pressure Bed

$10  First Time Tan - New Customers Only

$35 -  Per Session

$58 - Two Sessions

$78 - Three Sessions

$89 - Four Sessions

$100 - Five Sessions -  Get One Free - Bronze Club Card

$200 - Ten Sessions - Get Three Free - Bronze Club Card


Spray Tan





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What is an Ultrabronz Tan?

It is a tanning system equipped with all High Pressure lamps which are approximately 3-4 inches in length and are behind a special square UV filtered glass (usually dark in color or mirrored). With this specialized equipment, tanning is taken to its purest form.

The UVB rays are dramatically reduced and the tanning rays (UVA) are tremendously optimized. This means you will have a beautiful rich European tan in JUST 3 - 5 visits. You will also only require 3 - 4 visits PER MONTH to maintain that tan.

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